History & Systems

This pages contains some additional resources of the History & Systems course. It contains some supplementary resources for the class (Required materials are available in the Canvas shell for the course).

Recommended Websites

Society for the History of Psychology (APA Division 26)

Psychology’s Feminist Voices

Recommended Videos

Sigmund Freud: The Father of Psychoanalysis (Nova)

The World Within – C. G. Jung 

Philosophy of Behaviorism – B. F. Skinner

Carl Rogers-B. F. Skinner Debate (1976)

Abraham Maslow and Self Actualization

The Human Dilemma: Rollo May

Evil is a Problem for All of Us: Rollo May

Shamans and Their World: Stanley Krippner

What Would William James Have Thought About Alien Encounters (Cambridge Lecture by Eugene Taylor)

The Third Force by Ed Mendelowitz

Phenomenology and Constructivism Dialogue – Raskin and Robbins
Part 1      Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6

Century of the Self Documentary 






We dishonor those early influential thinkers in our movement when we turn them into idols. We distort the message they were bringing to us and the message they lived in their lives. I believe (and hope) that if these figures were around today that their harshest critiques would be of the way we over-revere their contributions. We love and honor our heroes when we recognize their humanity. To be revered as an idol or infallible scholar is much less of an honor than to be revered as a human who within all the limitations of being human rose to contribute a unique voice and make an important, though imperfect, contribution worthy of a lasting influence on the history of humankind.

— Louis Hoffman, The Proper Use of Tradition and Scholarly Authority