Dissertation Resources

This page is still in development. It contains links to a number of resources that may be helpful for students in dissertation.


Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation: A Road Map from Beginning to End (3rd Edition) by Linda D. Bloomberg & Marie F. Volpe.
** There are many options for guides to completing your dissertation. This the one that I recommend. I generally encourage some variations for Saybrook, but this still is the best guide that I have found.


Recommendations for Designing and Reviewing Qualitative Research in Psychology: Promoting Methodological Integrity by Heidi M. Levitt, Sue L. Motulsky, Fredrick J. Wertz, Susan L. Morrow, & Joseph G. Ponterotto.


Critical Thinking and Scholarly Writing
* If you did not watch this video during your program at Saybrook, I would strongly encourage you to watch it.

Scholarly Resources in Academic Writing
* If you did not watch this video during your program at Saybrook, I would strongly encourage you to watch it. This becomes more essential in your dissertation.


Writing Resources by Louis Hoffman
* I would encourage you to be familiar with the resources on this page.

Dissertation Coaching

The field of dissertation coaching is growing. It is important to be cautious when hiring a dissertation coach. Dissertations coaches should not be doing the work for you, but rather supporting you in working toward your dissertation. I strongly advise always talking with your dissertation chair before hiring a dissertation coach. At times, coaches may offer advice disparate from your chair and your committee. While students should not passively go along with their chair or committee if their is a good reason for taking a different approach, it can be challenging if you have a coach giving advice that conflicts with your chair and committee. When coaches take on more than they should, this also places the student at jeopardy. At the dissertation defense, the student needs to be able to answer why they approached their dissertation they way they did. Saying, “This is what my coach recommended,” is never a good reason. It also creates problems to say, “I don’t know,” as they may cause the committee to wonder if you did the work. When working with a coach, it is important to be diligent to make sure they are not going beyond their role and doing too much. Coaching should not replace or duplicate what you are doing with your chair and committee, but rather supplement it.

Dissertation Boot Camp with Dr. Lisa Vallejos
Dr. Vallejos is a graduate of Saybrook University who has developed an expertise in dissertation coaching. The dissertation book camp and dissertation coaching does not focus on content, but rather on the process of getting through a dissertation, which many students struggle with. Dr. Vallejos is very adept at working within the parameters described above.

The Dissertation Coach
While I do not have direct experience with this service, some respected colleagues have recommended this source.

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