Classes Taught

I teach a number of courses at Saybrook, including those listed below. Additionally, I am available to teach Independent Studies. I do not teach all of these courses every semester or even every year. For the pages with a hyperlink, I have some additional information about the courses:

CS 4535:     The Use of Poetry with Death, Loss, and Life Transitions (Offered Fall Term)
CSIH 4530:  Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality in their Cultural Contexts (Offered in the Fall Term)
CSIH 6560:  Approaches to Socially Engaged Spirituality (I teach this course occasionally)
EHTP 1080: History and Systems of Psychology (I teach this course occasionally)
EHTP 2000: Foundations of Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology (Offered Fall Term)
EHTP 6150: Existential Therapy II: Rollo May and the Existential Tradition (Offered in the Spring Term)
EHTP 8950: Integrative Seminar (Offered each term based upon need)
RES 1100:     Research Practicum (Offered each term based upon need and availability)

We dishonor those early influential thinkers in our movement when we turn them into idols. We distort the message they were bringing to us and the message they lived in their lives. I believe (and hope) that if these figures were around today that their harshest critiques would be of the way we over-revere their contributions. We love and honor our heroes when we recognize their humanity. To be revered as an idol or infallible scholar is much less of an honor than to be revered as a human who within all the limitations of being human rose to contribute a unique voice and make an important, though imperfect, contribution worthy of a lasting influence on the history of humankind.

— Louis Hoffman, The Proper Use of Tradition and Scholarly Authority