Classes Taught

I teach a number of courses at Saybrook, including those listed below. Additionally, I am available to teach Independent Studies. I do not teach all of these courses every semester or even every year. For the pages with a hyperlink, I have some additional information about the courses:

CS 4535:     The Use of Poetry with Death, Loss, and Life Transitions (Offered Fall Term)
CSIH 4530:  Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality in their Cultural Contexts (Offered in the Spring Term)
CSIH 6560:  Approaches to Socially Engaged Spirituality (Offered in the Spring Term)
EHTP 1080: History and Systems of Psychology (I teach this course occasionally)
EHTP 2000: Foundations of Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology (Offered Fall and Spring Terms)
EHTP 3520: Multicultural Perspectives on Death and Loss (Offered in the Fall Term)
EHTP 3620: Poetry, Healing, and Growth (Offered in the Fall Term)
EHTP 6150: Existential Therapy II: Rollo May and the Existential Tradition (Offered in the Spring Term)
EHTP 8950: Integrative Seminar (Offered each term based upon need)
RES 1100:   Research Practicum (Offered each term based upon need and availability)

Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make [individuals into] a more clever devil.

— C. S. Lewis